Scandinavian Commons consists of a group of individuals who have recognised that we are stronger together. 

We are predominantly academics who use our insight and professionalism across scientific disciplines to address the biggest challenge that we have faced as a species: how do politically conscious people act and communicate in ways that may inspire others to do the same - quickly and efficiently? This is very much a cultural question, and we will fail if we as humans are unable to see the potential in the transition or become excited about the immense opportunities inherent in this transition. Our initial focus are the Scandinavian countries, which contain all the necessary prerequisites for leading the way towards a sustainable future.


Stefan G Jacobsen

Idéhistoriker og adjunkt ved RUC.

Frederikke Oldin

Sprogpsykolog og visionsmager for Transmissioner fra Fremtiden

Jakob Skovgaard

PhD in history and CSR, Partnership Coordinator at UNICEF Denmark

Emil Månsson

Cand.mag. Filosofi. Specialisering
i fænomenologi og bevidsthedsfilosofi.

Randi Kjær

​Rhetorician, storyteller and writer

Thor Noe

Stud.polit at the University of Copenhagen.

Focuses on the preconditions that constitute the basis for socioeconomic impact analyses.

Irina Papazu

PhD in political science, postdoc at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Helene Albinus Søgaard

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